The Summer Plan…

Our outreach plan for this summer is to reach new families. Hostivice, the village where we live now, is what Jon and I call “vesnička kočárů”, the village of carriages… baby carriages that is! There are many families in this area. A number of the people here have moved to our village from Prague to escape the traffic jams, pollution and stress, and to raise their children in a more relaxed and family oriented atmosphere. We are close to Prague but not a part of the stressful environment of the city. The children’s English Club is a way that moms can bring their 3-6 year old children into our church doors during the summer, as almost all of the other schools and play schools are closed. Our week long program consists of games, puzzle making, coloring, painting, play dough, beads and bean bag toss, along with English lessons for the children. Our posters are all over town. This advertisement will be put into the monthly magazine in our village.

Would you please pray with us for open doors to reach these Hostivice folk this summer? I will also be conducting 2 new classes for middle age children during the day and continuing two night classes for women. At this time the Lord has blessed the ladies’ classes and they have proven to be an open door with three ladies attending church services and one personal weekly Bible study, along with many opportunities for giving the gospel and personal salvation testimony. We are endeavoring to use every means to get the gospel out. We sure do appreciate your prayers. Thank you ladies for cards and notes saying that you faithfully pray for the Lord’s work here in Hostivice and for us and our family. I would also like to thank our home church, New Testament Baptist and the Cobb family for their hospitality in having our Amy with them this summer.

Open Doors Abound!

There have been so many opportunities to give the gospel out this month. Although we have not seen any addition to the church services, we are excited that people have entered into the door of our church building. Most of them are ladies who come to the English classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Now five of these ladies have opened up to listen to testimonies of salvation from our members and to ask questions. The Lord has opened the door for me to begin doing Bible studies with a piano teacher. Once we are able to start a one on one Bible study with an interested seeker, we have found that this is the best way for them to come to the knowledge of the Truth. I look forward very much to this Bible study.

The ladies from the sewing class I joined, came to the first two marriage seminars that we conducted. There were seven in attendance one evening and eight the second evening. We are endeavoring to use every scriptural means possible to bring the Czech people under the hearing of the Word of God.

We have not been publicly advertising our pre-school, but rather just personally inviting only people we know with three year old children. At this point for my helper, Jana and I, we have eight children attending and it is enough to keep us hopping! The mothers of three of the children have responded to the gospel. We praise the Lord for this! Please continue to pray for these ladies. We are staying busy in the Lord’s work! Thank you for your prayers on our behalf!!

A Respite...

The month of April, the Lord graciously allowed us to fly back to America in order to be a part of our home church's 2012 Missions Conference. Our church flew us home and treated us like a King and Queen. What a refreshing time this was for Jon and I!

What a blessing to share this time with fellow missionaries, Scott and Donna Kuzel (South Africa) and the Preston Hoiseth family, church planters to Bemidji,MN.  What a wonderful time this was!  We enjoyed great meals, good fellowship and uplifting preaching.

The second half of the trip was spent traveling to Missouri to a Pastor's conference hosted by Pastor Thomas Smith at Mt. Zion Baptist Church in St. Claire, MO. I have to say, that the preaching was beyond excellent! All the messages spoke to my heart! All of the messages carried a theme of being able ministers for the Lord's work. What a challenging, enriching, blessed this week was!

One of the nicest parts of the trip was the time spent in fellowship with our pastor and his wife while traveling down the road.  It was so nice to have them all to ourselves for just a bit and to fellowship over the blessings of the Lord. What a memorable time this was for all of us.


Seeing friends we haven't seen for years, was another highlight of this refreshing week.  Thank you Mt. Zion Baptist Church, for hosting this meeting.  Our time in the states was packed with opportunities and sweet blessings. The time flew by much too quickly and we flew back to the vineyard the Lord has called us to on April 30, with grateful hearts and encouraged spirits. 

God’s Hand At Work In a Non-Christian World

Since last month, after our evening of the Bible (when no one attended), it seems the Lord has been busy at work in hearts and we have had some excitement here in the church.

Our newest ministry started in January when we began a pre-school which hopefully will continue on to starting a kindergarten and first grade in the next few years. I am teaching 4 – 3 year olds in Czech with a beginner’s English class and teaching one of our ladies how to teach the children and be their homeschooling/church school teacher one day.

My new English class for ladies was advertised in the local magazine. No one came for 6 weeks. But I joined a sewing class and met some new ladies, they asked if I would teach them English. Before I knew it, I had 12 students come to the class and 2 of them have been to our church services. There has been on open door for giving the gospel to 3 of these ladies already and one of the ladies meets with me now for Bible study.

We recently hosted 2 concerts of sacred music with pianist Lonnie Shipman from Dallas, TX. One, in our city, Hostivice, where 42 people came (including the Major and the Borke family from Stuggart, Germany) and the other at the Prague Conservatory in the center of the city. The pianist/evangelist, played and preached in our church on Sunday on prophecy.

New Bible studies will begin on Wednesday evenings that may interest our community. The topics will be: anger, help for the hurting and marriage.

Our new building has been a real blessing to us. We love the area and the parking out front! Our biggest problem now is that we need more room and workers for the extra children coming to Sunday school who are of all different ages.

This is a great problem to have!

Thank you so much for prayers. Because of the support and prayers of our home church along with our other supporting churches, we are seeing God’s hand move in this non-Christian world.